How to Earn Unlimited 100 Shopee Coins for Free

Shopee Coins are good as money when you shop or pay your bills on Shopee. They can be used to reduce your total amount to be paid on checkout.

There are many ways to earn Shopee coins on Shopee but the only method that can give you the highest number of coins will be shown in this article.


What is a Shopee coin?

A Shopee coin is a virtual currency used by Shopee to reward its shoppers. Shopee coins can be used to reduce the total amount due on your cart during checkout.

However, you can only use up to a certain amount only. For example, if you have 1,000 Shopee coins available, sometimes, you can only use 100 coins. Furthermore, you cannot use Shopee coins to zero out your total amount due.

You won’t be at a loss either because the Shopee coins reward system is in your favor no matter what angle you look at it from.

Earn Shopee coins when you refer a friend

Like networking, you can refer your friends and get rewards if they used your referrer code on successful registration.

But instead of cash, Shopee will give you Shopee coins which you can use on your purchases.

Earning 100 Shopee Coins
Earning 100 Shopee Coins

If you successfully refer a friend, you will get 100 Shopee coins and your friend will also get ₱50 off on his first purchase.

Referring a friend

There are two official ways you can refer a friend on Shopee. One is sharing your referral link and whoever signup using that link will qualify as a successful referral. As a result, you will earn 100 Shopee coins.

To get your referral link and code, just go to the Me tab > select Refer a Friend > Share Now > select a preferred method to share your referral link.

Another way is to copy your referral code and give them to your friend. If your friend enters your referral code during the first purchase you will earn 100 Shopee coins and he will get his ₱50 off.

1. Select Refer a Friend
2. Select Share Now or copy your referral code
3. Collect your coins

Entering referral code (for referral only)

If you are the referral and you have your referrer’s code, you can now download the Shopee app and register. Remember that you can only get your ₱50 off if you make your first purchase.

You may follow the steps below on how to enter your referral code.

  1. Select Shopee Voucher
2. Copy the friend referral code and select Apply

Frequently asked questions

Can Shopee coins be converted to cash?

No, they are not transferrable for cash.

Can I use the same mobile device to invite and accept a friend’s invitations?

No, the same mobile device cannot be used to invite friends and accept a friend’s invitation. You can only earn unlimited rewards by using another mobile device with the same account.

Can I put my referral code on a coupon website?

No, invitations should only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes, and only shared with personal connections that will appreciate receiving these invitations.

Why is my referral unsuccessful?

If a referral was unsuccessful, it may be because:

  1. The referrer/referred contact does not fulfill the requirements.
  2. The referrer and referred contact used the same device for the referral.
  3. The referred contact didn’t apply the referral code on the checkout page.
  4. The referred contact requested a cancellation or refund of their first order.

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