How to Renew Your NBI Clearance Online in 2022

Your NBI Clearance only has a one-year validity. After that, you can’t use it as a valid ID to transact with different government agencies.

Once your NBI Clearance reaches its expiration date, you must renew it if you’re planning to use it in the future.

After all, it’s better to be prepared than sorry.

Did you know that you can renew your NBI Clearance online? Yes, you can do the NBI Clearance Renewal Process online.

What’s better about the online renewal is that you can get it delivered to your house. This means you don’t have to go to an NBI office or branch to get your NBI Clearance.

You just have to add additional fees that will cover the delivery charges.

First-time jobseeker? You can your NBI Clearance for free here.

NBI Clearance Online Renewal Requirements

Since we’re doing an online renewal of your NBI Clearance, you’ll to prepare the following:

  • Stable internet connection (can be a mobile date connection)
  • Laptop or PC, or smartphone devices
  • Your OLD NBI Clearance
  • Patience and time

Aside from those mentioned above, your NBI Clearance must have been issued on 16th October 2016 and onwards.

NBI Clearances issued before the date above will not qualify for this process.

NBI Clearance Online Renewal Process 2022

The process is pretty much simple. You can do it while reading this article. Just follow along.

Step 1: Go to

Firstly, navigate to the URL bar of your browser and go to

Alternatively, you may click this link to directly go to the said web address.

If you read our other article, you’ll notice that the website is the same as the website for securing your NBI Clearance for the first time.

You may want to read our article on How to Secure an NBI Clearance.

Step 2: Click NBI Clearance Online Renewal

Click I Agree when prompted by the data privacy agreement. Now, you’ll see the yellow part on the same page that says NBI Clearance Online Renewal. Click the button that says Click Here.

NBI Clearance Online Renewal Button
NBI Clearance Online Renewal Button

Step 3: Verify Your Old NBI Clearance

In this step, you’ll need to input your name, birthdate, your active mobile number, and most importantly, your Old NBI Clearance ID number.

Your NBI Clearance ID number contains (18) alphanumeric characters separated by a hyphen after the tenth character.

You can find your NBI Clearance ID number on your NBI Clearance itself.

For Old Design (Yellow)

Old NBI Clearance Design
Old NBI Clearance Design

For New Design (Blue)

New NBI Clearance Design
New NBI Clearance Design

Back to your screen, enter the needed information, and click Verify.

Verify Your Old NBI Clearance
Verify Your Old NBI Clearance

Wait for some time and a new window will appear. In the next screen, select your preferred verification method.

NBI Clearance Online Verification Method
NBI Clearance Online Verification Method

Currently, there are three methods to verify your Old NBI Clearance for quick renewal process as follows:

  1. Mother’s Information
  2. Mobile number used at the time of registration
  3. Email used at the time of registration

Any of which can be used but I prefer to use the first one since it’s the easiest.

But can choose other methods too if you want. I’ll just enter my mother’s information and hit Verify.

Enter Your Verification Details
Enter Your Verification Details

If the system successfully verified all of your information, you’ll be taken to the next page on which you’ll choose the payment method for your renewal.

Step 4: Pay NBI Clearance Renewal Fees

I recommend choosing the most convenient way to pay your NBI Clearance Quick Renewal fees – GCash.

Choose GCash > Proceed to Payment.

NBI Clearance Online Renewal Payment Methods
NBI Clearance Online Renewal Payment Methods

On the next screen, you’ll be shown your reference number. Copy and save it.

GCash Reference Number
GCash Reference Number

Time to Pay the NBI Clearance

Before choosing your delivery option, you need to pay first your NBI Clearance.

To pay the total amount due, in your GCash app, click Pay Bills > Government > NBI.

Enter the needed information such as the reference number, contact number, the exact amount, and email address.

The exact amount you have to pay is ₱155.00 (₱130 for NBI Clearance + ₱25 for Transaction Fee).

After you paid the necessary fees, continue to the next step.

IMPORTANT – Pay your NBI Clearance first before proceeding with the next steps.

Step 5: Choose Delivery Option

There are (2) ways how you can get your NBI Clearance. Pick-Up and Door-to-Door Delivery.


You can choose the first method – Pick-Up. If you choose Pick-Up, then you may read the Pick-Up Instruction made by the NBI itself.

I find the Pick-Up method complicated so I won’t recommend it to you.

Door-to-Door Delivery

Since the purpose of this tutorial is to make the renewal process purely online, we’ll have to choose the Door-to-Door Delivery and click Proceed > I Agree.

Door to Door Delivery
Door to Door Delivery

As mentioned on the screen, you’ll be redirected to a third-party Delivery Service website.

On the next screen, you must agree to the terms and conditions. Scroll down and click Agree.

Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions

A popup window will appear reminding you of delivery charges you’ll have to pay. Click Proceed to continue.

Thank You Message
Thank You Message

REMINDER – Payments are non-refundable.

Now, you have to enter your delivery information as shown on the screen. On the right side, you can pin your exact location using the map. In this way, the rider will find your house easily.

Make sure that all of your details are correct. Click Proceed to continue.

Delivery Box Online Delivery Service
Delivery Box Online Delivery Service

On the next screen, you need to choose your preferred payment method. GCash will also be used for this purpose.

To pay using GCash, click eWallets > GCash.

Delivery Box Online Delivery Service Payment Method
Delivery Box Online Delivery Service Payment Method

Before you continue, make sure your GCash wallet has enough funds to cover the fees because you’ll pay them immediately after your click Proceed.

If you’re ready, click Proceed.

Follow the on-screen procedure which involves logging in to your GCash account. You need to authorize the payment of the delivery charges.

Login With Your GCash
Login With Your GCash

After you’ve successfully paid the delivery charge, make sure to take a screenshot of the receipt or reference number.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully renewed your NBI Clearance using the NBI Clearance Online Renewal process.

At this point, you have to wait for the delivery of your NBI Clearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

For your reference, here are some of the FAQs asked by some individuals.

How can I track the delivery of my NBI Clearance?

You can track your NBI Clearance by visiting the Deliver Box PH website at and entering your Delivery Number.

Delivery Number
Delivery Number

How much will I pay in total for NBI Clearance online renewal?

The summary of payments for NCR and Outside NCR is tabulated below.

Particulars For NCR Outside NCR
NBI Clearance ₱130.00 ₱130.00
Transaction Fees 25.00 25.00
     Total for NBI Clearance ₱155.00 ₱155.00
Delivery Charge 200.00 350.00
E-payment Service Fee (3.5%) 7.00 12.25
     Total for Delivery Fees ₱207.00 ₱362.25
Grand Total ₱362.00 ₱517.25

The e-payment service fee pertains to GCash as a payment method. Applicable fees will apply for other methods.

I want to renew my NBI Clearance personally, can I still walk in NBI offices?

Individuals who wish to walk into NBI branches and offices can still process their NBI Clearance renewal personally.

I have other inquiries; how can I contact NBI or Delivery Box PH?

For inquiries about the release of NBI Clearance for the purpose of online renewal, applicants may contact NBI help desks mobile numbers 0917-999-9421 (For Globe) and 0920-412-9999 (For Smart) available from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

For delivery queries, you may directly contact the Delivery Box PH by calling or messaging their contact numbers 0917-999-9421 (For Globe), 0920-412-9999 (For Smart), and 0955-140-5330 (For TM). You can also send emails to

Final Thoughts

NBI Quick Online Renewal process is a great help for Filipinos who don’t have time to visit NBI offices and branches to renew their NBI Clearance. Even though the process is not integrated into one service, it’s still doable and easy to follow. In taking part in this online renewal process, you must pay additional fees such as e-payment transaction fees and delivery charges. Frankly speaking, the delivery fees are too high for a small piece of document. However, we must remember that by undertaking the process discussed above, you can save your time as you can avoid traveling, falling in lines, and waiting on-site. Aside from that, you can distance yourself from crowded places.

Share your thoughts in the comment section below about the NBI Clearance Online Renewal process.

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