How to Create Philhealth Member Portal Account

Did you know that PhilHealth has an online service called PhilHealth Member Portal? Yes, it has, and it’s completely free.

PhilHealth Member Portal allows members to do many things like viewing monthly contributions, generating a statement of premium account (SPA), and paying their monthly contribution.


Another good news is that registering in Philhealth Member Portal is entirely free and easy.

You can do it in less than 10 minutes.

All you have to do is follow this shorticle to have you registered afterward.

What is PhilHealth Member Portal?

PhilHealth Member Portal is one of PhilHealth’s online services to enable its members to check their membership details accurately.

Additionally, if you belong to the informal economy sector, you can generate your statement of premium account (SPA) to pay your monthly contributions.

PhilHealth itself officially offers this service to all its members.

If you’re not yet a PhilHealth member and don’t have a PhilHealth identification number (PIN), you can our article on How to Become a Philhealth Member.


Before proceeding with the registration process, you need to be a PhilHealth member first. Please read our complete guide here for PhilHealth online registration.

Furthermore, it would be best if you had the following things in completing the registration process.

  • Stable wifi or mobile data connection
  • Mobile phone, laptop, or personal computer
  • 5 to 10 minutes of your time
  • Email address
  • Patience

Note: The email address must be valid and active. This is important to activate your account.

Registration Process

Follow the step-by-step guides as shown on the screen.

Visit the PhilHealth Member Portal

The member portal is different from PhilHealth official website. The link is given at the end of this article.

PhilHealth Member Portal Login
PhilHealth Member Portal Login

Follow the On-screen Procedures

Click Create Account at the bottom-right corner to start the registration process.

Enter Your Personal Information

You need to input your personal information on this page, including your PIN, first, middle, and last name. Your birthdate, gender, email address, and mobile number are also required.

Just like any other membership, you need to create your password. PhilHealth specified the requirements for passwords as shown on the screen.

After you supply all the information needed, scroll down and enter captcha code and click Create Account.

Register Yourself
Register Yourself

Verify Your Email Address

If all the information supplied is correct, PhilHealth will create your account and ask you to verify your registration by clicking the link PhilHealth sent you. The email will look like just below.

PhilHealth Member Portal Email Confirmation
PhilHealth Member Portal Email Confirmation

Take note that the link will expire after 24 hours if you do not activate it.

Log in to Your Account

And with just these easy steps, you are now registered in Philhealth Member Portal. You can now log in and explore the portal.

What to Do Next?

After you successfully register in Philhealth Member Portal, you can do many things like paying your contribution online.

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