Professional Driver’s License Application 2022 in the Philippines (Complete Requirements and Guide)

Aside from the Non-Professional Driver’s License, the other type of driver’s license in the Philippines is the Professional Driver’s License. Nothing much different in their physical appearance but they have different usages and qualifications.

In this article we’ll talk about what is a professional driver’s license; how is it different from a non-professional driver’s license; what are the qualifications and requirements to apply for one; what are the fees and charges; and we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about it.

This article is really a continuation of our previous article on how to get a non-professional driver’s license. We recommend reading that first here before going through this one.

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Without so much introduction, let’s start to discuss what is a professional driver’s license.

What is a Professional Driver’s License?

A professional driver’s license is an official driver’s license in the Philippines that legally allows its holder to drive both privately-owned vehicles and public utility vehicles. Driving to earn a living and using a vehicle for proprietary purposes are also allowed. Delivery riders are among the holders (but not limited to) of a professional driver’s license.

If you plan to be a taxi driver, delivery rider, or public utility vehicle driver, you must secure first a professional driver’s license.

The professional driver’s license is the highest form of driver’s license in the Philippines. Since it’s being issued by the Land Transporation Office, it’s classified as a valid government identification card for an individual holding it.

Changes in the New LTO System

The following are some changes in the new LTO system for applying for a professional driver’s license:

  • Applicant is no longer required to submit an NBI clearance or Police clearance.
  • Student’s permit holder cannot directly apply for a professional driver’s license.
  • A non-professional driver’s license holder is not required to take up practical driving course for the same restriction.

An applicant must, however, secure a taxpayer identification number (TIN) if he or she is employed. But if an applicant has TIN during the process but was currently unemployed, it’s better to include his or her TIN for future usage.

Furthermore, if an applicant wishes to add a new driver’s license code (formerly restriction codes), then he or she must submit an equivalent Certificate of Completion of Practical Driving Course of the vehicle particular in that code.

Professional Driver’s License Application Qualifications and Requirements 2022

Before applying for a professional driver’s license, it’s good to know first if you’re qualified or not. If you qualify, then you have to prepare the documentary requirements before visiting any LTO office.


A person can apply for a non-professional driver’s license if he or she met the following qualifications:

  • Must be a holder of a non-professional driver’ license for at leaset (6) months
  • Physically and mentally fit;
  • Can read and write in English and other applicable dialect;
  • Must passed the written and practical examinations (in LTO office)

As mentioned before, you’ll be required to take up a practical driving course and pass the same if you’re adding a driver’s license code on top of your current one.


Here are the documentary requirements to bring during the application:

  • Fully-accomplished Application for Driver’s License (ADL) Form (download here)
  • Originalnon-professional driver’s license card
  • Medical certificate issued by LTO-accredited medical clinics
  • Parent/Guardian consent and ID (for 17-year old applicant only)
  • Certificate of Completion of Practical Driving Course
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN), if employed

Your current non-professional driver’s license card will be surrendered to the LTO office. You can’t have the two license cards simultaneously.

How to Get Professional Driver’s License 2022 in the Philippines?

1. Get Your ADL Form and Queue Number from the Customer Service or Front Desk.

If you want to maximize your time while you are at the LTO office, you must download and fill up the ADL form beforehand. You can also get a copy of the ADL form from the front desk officer. Remember to bring your own pen.

2. Submit the Documentary Requirements

Once your number or name was called, submit all the documentary requirements to the evaluator in the evaluation window. In this window, the evaluator will check if all the requirements are complete.

3. Pay the Examination Fees.

Once your documents have been evaluated and deemed complete, you must pay the examination fees.

4. Take up the Theoretical Driving Test.

You need to take up and pass the theoretical driving test in order to proceed with the next steps. Some LTO offices are already implementing computerized examinations while others are still offering written examinations.

5. Take up the Practical Driving Test (Optional)

If an applicant wanted to add a driver’s license code on top of his or her current code, then he or she must pass the practical examination. If the or she only wishes to convert a non-professional driver’s license to a professional driver’s license, then this step is not necessary.

Test Drive

6. Pay the Driver’s License Card Fee.

Now that you’ve passed the test drive, go back to the cashier window and pay the driver’s license card fee. This fee is for the printing of the driver’s license card itself.

7. Proceed to the Photo/Sign Window.

After you’ve paid the necessary fees and charges, you may proceed to the photo and signature window. The officer will take your picture and biometrics.

8. Claim your Professional Driver’s License Card.

Finally, the most exciting part is claiming your Driver’s License Card. This is the final step so you may rest on your seat while waiting for your name to be called. Congratulations, you’re now a Professional Driver and an official PDL holder.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve tried to give you the most detailed guide above but here are some FAQs that may answer the hanging questions in your mind.

Can I apply for a professional driver’s license directly if I have a valid student’s permit or student’s license?

Back then an applicant can apply directly for a professional driver’s license after holding his or her student’s permit or student’s license for at least (6) months. But with new implementing rules and regulations of the Land Transporation Office, an applicant must be a non-professional driver’s license holder for at least (6) months on the date of application.

This only means that you need to apply for a student’s permit or student’s license and a non-professional driver’s license before you can apply for a professional driver’s license.

However, those applicants who have a valid student’s permit or student’s license before August 3, 2020, can still directly apply for a professional driver’s license.

Do I need to submit a TIN ID card?

Applicants are required to submit a taxpayer’s identification number (TIN) but not a TIN ID card.

What if the LTO office has only issued me official receipt without a driver’s license card?

In some LTO offices, printers are unavailable so applicants are only being issued the official receipt. This official receipt is valid as a temporary driver’s license. Applications can go to any LTO office to request a driver’s license card without paying any fee or charge.

How much is a professional driver’s license?

Take note that the fees and charges below do not include the addition of a driver’s license code which will cost an application more. As a result, no vehicle rentals have been incurred.

Professional Driver’s License Costs
Particulars Cost
Examination Fee ₱    167.63
Professional Driver’s License Fee 685.00
Medical Certificate 450.00
Total Cost ₱ 1,302.63


ADL Form

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