5 Exclusive Benefits of Shopee Loyalty Program

Shopee Loyalty Program is launched by Shopee as one of its reward systems. It assigns its users tiers in which they can enjoy exclusive privileges such as sitewide free shipping vouchers, brand-exclusive deals, and a dedicated customer service team.

In this article, I will discuss the five main benefits of being a Shopee loyalist.


Understanding Shopee loyalty program

I have good news for you! All registered users of Shopee are eligible for the Shopee loyalty program including you.

There are four tiers of the Shopee loyalty program as follows.

  1. Classic: New members or those who have less than 10 completed orders.
  2. Silver: All users with a minimum of 10 completed orders.
  3. Gold: All users with a minimum of 25 completed orders.
  4. Platinum: All users with a minimum of 55 completed orders.

Your current Shopee loyalty tier will reset every 6 months. This means you have 6 long months to complete 55 orders, which is not a bad deal.

The first refresh is January 1 which means the counting of orders is from July 1 to December 31.

The second refresh is in July which means the counting of orders is from January 1 to June 30.

For example, if you have made a total of 70 completed orders from July 1, 2021, to December 31, 2021, then on January 1, 2022, you will become a Platinum member.

Remember that only completed orders are counted. Canceled and returned orders cannot qualify. Additionally, fraudulent orders such as checkout-only listings are not counted.

Take note that there is no minimum amount of order to be completed. You can order an item with a price of ₱10 or ₱1,000 if you want and it will be counted.

But some orders will not be counted for the Shopee loyalty program. Below are the following orders that will not be counted.

  1. Orders from Shopee-owned official shops such as Welcome Package and Employee Sale are not counted.
  2. Orders from Shopee game shops will also not qualify.
    • ₱1 game and ₱1 game winners
    • Shopee farm
    • Shopee candy
    • Shopee poly
    • Shopee games PH
Shopee Loyalty Program Tier
Shopee Loyalty Program Tier

Source: Shopee PH

Benefits and privileges of Shopee loyalty tier

Every tier has its benefits and privileges except for the classic tier. You need to at least unlock the silver tier by completing 10 orders to start qualifying for the benefits.

Silver tier

Being a silver tier member of the Shopee loyalty program, Shopee will give you a 15% off birthday voucher once a year (well you can only celebrate your birthday once a year).

Aside from that, you will have a sitewide free shipping voucher. This is one once per month with a minimum spend of ₱500.

Gold tier

On the gold tier, you’ll have the same 15% birthday voucher but twice a month of free shipping voucher with still minimum spend of ₱500.

Additionally, you can claim discounted brands vouchers.

Platinum tier

The platinum tier is the highest of the four tiers. You are to complete 55 orders during the six months.

It may sound expensive and difficult for your pocket and wallet but it is worth it!

I, myself, am a platinum member of the Shopee loyalty program and am proud of being one. Here are the five exclusive benefits of a platinum member of the Shopee loyalty program.

  1. 15% birthday voucher
  2. 3 times a month sitewide free shipping
  3. Discounted bran vouchers
  4. Redeem exclusive vouchers with coins
  5. A dedicated customer service team

You can have all of the privileges and benefits included in the gold tier. In addition to that, you can redeem exclusive vouchers with Shopee coins.

This means you can exchange your coins with a voucher. And a voucher means a saving.

And last but not least is the dedicated customer service team for your own needs. Yes, Shopee will assign dedicated customer service to you to answer all your questions with regards to your account, orders, among others.

Shopee Loyalty Program Tier
Shopee Loyalty Program Tier

Source: Shopee PH

Frequently asked questions

What if I completed 55 orders in February; do I still need to wait until July 1 to become a platinum member?

The good thing about the Shopee loyalty program is that you can upgrade your tier immediately during the current cycle. This means you will immediately become a platinum member in February if you complete 55 orders.

Is paying bills counted as orders for Shopee loyalty?

Digital products such as bills payment and e-loads are not counted.

Can I opt out of Shopee loyalty program?

Shopee will automatically assign you a member tier even if you don’t want to. So, basically, you cannot opt out of the Shopee loyalty program.

Final thoughts

Shopee loyalty program is one of the best loyalty programs offered by an online shopping platform out there in the market. Not to mention, Lazada, its biggest competitor, doesn’t have this kind of program offered to its shoppers. That is the main reason why I barely use Lazada to buy my needs.

So, what do you think about the Shopee loyalty program? Is it worth the spend of money to become a platinum member? You may use the comment box to share your thoughts!

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