How to Get Permanent SSS Number Online in 2022

Did you know that you can get your permanent SS number online through the SSS online registration process?

You read it right. SSS online registration is an official way to get your permanent and lifetime SS number in the comfort of your home. You don’t need to leave your home and travel to SSS branches.


This guide is for the individuals who need an SS number for their employment, self-employment, or for OFWs. If you’re an OFW, you don’t need to go back to the Philippines to get your SS number.

You can save time, and effort, and maintain social distancing by following our SSS online registration guide.

Without so much introduction, let’s start with things you’ll need during the registration process.

SSS Online Registration 2022 Requirements

In order to avoid delays during the SSS online registration, be sure to prepare these things beforehand.

Internet Connection

Make sure your internet connection is stable. You may also use mobile data service.

Laptop, PC, or Smartphones

Since the registration is done online, you’ll need a device that can go online. It can be a laptop, personal computer, or smartphone. I recommend using a laptop or PC for better viewing and navigation.

Supporting Documents

At the end part of the SSS online registration, you’ll be asked to upload supporting documents to prove your identity. This can be your birth certificate, driver’s license, passport, and any valid IDs.

I recommend using the PSA Birth Certificate as it’s the most convenient and has the highest approval rate.

Important: You need to scan the document and save it into a PDF or Image file format.

Patience and Time

The last thing you’ll need is yourself. Focus on the registration process. Give it time and your patience.

How to Get SSS Number Online in 2022

As a heads up, here’s what you’ll do during the registration process:

  1. Visit the SSS Online Registration page.
  2. Accomplish the online form for verification purposes.
  3. Click the link sent to your email address.
  4. Supply all the required information.
  5. Generate your SSS number.
  6. Upload supporting documents.
  7. Print or save the SSS number and slip.
  8. Activate My.SSS account.

Presented below are the detailed and step-by-step procedures on how to get your SSS number online.

Step 1: Visit the SSS Online Registration page

Since we are doing the registration process online, you need to visit the official registration page.

Here is the direct link:

On the same page, click the Start button.

Click Start Button
Click Start Button

Step 2: Accomplish the online form for verification purposes

If you don’t know yet, you only need to register yourself once in the SSS resulting in a permanent and lifetime SSS number.

For SSS to know whether you have a record within their database, you need to enter your name, birthday, and email address. Solve the captcha and click Submit on this page.

Your email address must be active in order to receive a link for you to continue the registration process.

Registrant Record Verification
Registrant Record Verification

Be patient in waiting for the link from SSS as I got mine after twenty minutes. Here’s what it looks like inside the email.

SSS Number Application Continue Link
SSS Number Application Continue Link

Step 4: Supply all the required information

There are four parts to this step. You need to enter all of your information as required by the SSS online registration process.

Part 1: Personal Information

Your personal information includes your basic information such as your name, birth date, sex, and mother’s maiden name. SSS online registration also requires your active contact information such as your email and mobile number.

Aside from those, the home address is also required.

Also, during this part, it will ask you the purpose of registration. There are only three membership types you can select as a new member. These are For Employment, Self Employed, and Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW).

Choose the option best suit your purpose. Click Next afterward.

Part 1 - Personal Information
Part 1 – Personal Information

Part 2: Social Status and Birth Place

Your social status includes marital status, nationality, and religion. Your place of birth can be different from your home address. If all information is satisfied, click Next to continue.

Part 2 - Social Status and Place of Birth
Part 2 – Social Status and Place of Birth

Part 3: Beneficiaries’ Details

In SSS, there are mainly three types of beneficiaries you can add on this page. These are primary, secondary, and optional beneficiaries.

Your spouse, children whether legitimate, illegitimate and/or legally adopted who are not yet 21 years old are considered your primary beneficiaries

The secondary beneficiaries are your parents IF you’re single and without children.

If you have no primary or secondary beneficiaries, you can designate any other person to become your optional beneficiaries.

SSS will follow the hierarchy of distributing the benefits to be received upon the death of the member. It’s important to include your beneficiaries in this part if you have.

Click Next to continue.

Part 3 - Beneficiaries
Part 3 – Beneficiaries

Part 4: My.SSS Account Details

What’s best about the SSS online registration process is that you’ll have your Ms.SSS account ready afterward. You just need to activate by clicking the link to be sent to your active email address.

Simply put, My.SSS is an online portal for members wherein they can perform various online services such as UMID online appointments, generating PRN, benefits applications, and other services.

On this page, enter your desired username. No password will be asked yet. You’re also required to enter your height in weight. And optionally, you can have your UMID ATM.

Click Next to proceed with the next steps.

Part 4 - My.SSS Account
Part 4 – My.SSS Account

Step 5: Generate SSS number

In this step, you need to review your information as shown on the screen. You’re 90% complete in SSS online registration process.

If you wish to edit some of your information, you may click the Previous button and make some changes.

If you’re confident enough that all your information is correct, click the Generate SS Number button located at the bottom part of your screen.

Part 5 - Generate SSS Number
Part 5 – Generate SSS Number

Step 6: Upload supporting documents

This is one of the most important steps in the SSS online registration process. You need to upload supporting documents that prove your identity to SSS.

Uploading your PSA Birth Certificate is the most recommended one. The document must be in a PDF or Image file type.

You may also upload a baptismal certificate, driver’s license, or passport in the absence of your birth certificate.

But for the purpose of this guide, I’ll be using the first option – Birth Certificate.

Part 6 - Upload Supporting Documents
Part 6 – Upload Supporting Documents

After you choose an option for the document, immediately, you’ll be prompted to upload the said document. That’s why it’s very important to prepare first the necessary documentary requirements to prevent delay in the SSS online registration process.

Click Browse and locate the document.

Part 6.1 - Upload Birth Certificate
Part 6.1 – Upload Birth Certificate

Click Submit afterward.

Step 7: Print or save your SSS number and slip

Congratulations, you’ve completed the SSS online registration. On this page, you’ll have the option to print three PDF documents namely Personal Record/Unified Multipurpose ID Card Application (E1/E6), SS Transaction Slip, and the SS Number Slip.

These documents will also be sent to your active email address as attachments.

Part 7 - Print SSS Number and Slip
Part 7 – Print SSS Number and Slip

Step 8: Activate My.SSS account

Now that you have your SSS number, you’re actually good to go. You can give it to your employer’s HR admin as part of pre-employment requirements.

However, to maximize the SSS online registration process, it’s best to activate your My.SSS account.

To activate your My.SSS account, after the SSS online registration, open your mailbox and look for an email that has a subject called SSS Web Registration. The email will ask you to click on a link to activate your My.SSS account. Click it and you’ll be redirected to the My.SSS registration page.

Activate My.SSS Account
Activate My.SSS Account

On this page, you need to enter your desired password that you’ll use in logging in to your My.SSS account.

First, enter the last six (6) digits of your SSS number and click Submit.

Last 6 Digits of SSS or CRN
Last 6 Digits of SSS or CRN

Next, enter your desired password and click Submit.

Enter Desired Password
Enter Desired Password

After that, you’ll be logged in automatically. You’ll be prompted to set up security questions. These will become useful options for resetting your password in case you’ve lost it.

Just remember to save these questions in your personal notes.

Click Setup Security Questions and follow the on-screen procedures.

What to do next?

After all the procedures have been done completely, your SSS number will be tagged as Temporary until your supporting documents have been verified by SSS.

Temporary Member
Temporary Member

Being a temporary member, you’re only limited to a few features of My.SSS account. You cannot file any claim with regard to the benefits. The Inquiry tab will only show the Contributions sub-menu.

What you need to do is wait for the SSS to verify your supporting documents. There’s no need to worry if you’ve uploaded a clear scanned copy of your Birth Certificate or other supporting documents.

You’ll receive a confirmation email from the SSS once your membership application has been verified and approved.

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